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Aerial Arts


Introducing Fluidity Performance LLC - a one-of-a-kind event entertainment that will take your event to the next level. Our stunning aerialists and contortionists are sure to captivate your guests, and with our extensive experience in rigging, the client just needs to provide a 25x25 ft space for the performance to take place. Perfect for day or evening events, each artist comes with a professional rigger to ensure perfect safety and a show that will leave a lasting impression.

Aerial Silks

Variety of colors available

Our Aerial Silks service offers an elegant and awe-inspiring display that is sure to captivate any audience. To ensure a dazzling performance, please note the following requirements:

  • Secure Rigging: The aerial silk must be rigged from a secure, permanent ceiling point. We will need to discuss rigging details prior to booking to guarantee the safety and integrity of the performance.

  • Color Customization: We offer a variety of silk colors to choose from, allowing you to align the aesthetics perfectly with your event's theme.

  • Equipment Provided: A 20-foot tall A-frame is provided by the Artist, ensuring a stunning display of acrobatic excellence.

Interactive Experience: For those looking for an interactive element, consider pairing the Aerial Silk performance with a workshop. This provides guests with a unique opportunity to learn and engage with the art form up close. Please inquire about adding an Aerial Silk Workshop to your package.


Lyra Performances

Our Lyra (Aerial Hoop) act is a unique and stunning performance that will captivate your audience. This act can be rigged from a secure permanent ceiling rig, and rigging details must be discussed prior to booking in order to safely provide this service. Aerial Hoop is customizable in color to your event, and we provide a 20 feet tall A-frame for your convenience. A 20x20 square footprint must be available for the act.

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