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What is Momentally?

Momentally is an immersive show that transports audience members to a world of fantasy and joy. Combining awe-inspiring acrobatics, fire, aerial performances, LED displays and more, Momentally is unlike any show you have ever experienced. You will take you on a journey through different planes of existence, from a mystical forest to the sky, a desert, rain and beyond. Our performers are trained in a variety of disciplines and have put together a show you will never forget. Come join us for the experience of a lifetime!



I am Michelle Terstegen, also known as the Firebird. I have heard great things about Fluidity and I am honored to work with you. Thanks to your fearless leader Maria for reaching out and making this magic possible.

I have participated in almost every performing art including: dance, acting, modeling, singing, fashion, circus and flow arts. However, dance is where my heart lies and choreography is the core of my passion. I grew up in the rat race of the Central and Northern California dance competition world, but I knew that when I became an instructor that I would do it differently. 

 As a dance instructor my goals are to give quality technique, body positivity, strength and lengthening, and ultimately an avenue for self expression and a love of performing. My guiding principle no matter the age, ethnicity or gender is to move us through the progression of spectator, participator, performer, teacher, and creator. This is not a subject to master but a process of self actualization. We all have something to offer the world.

As a choreographer I learned that every good piece of expression starts with a story. I am excited to help Fluidity create great experiences for audiences young and old. With coordination of all your various talents we can make an amazing production!

Financial Sponsorship

We are looking for sponsors who can financially support these projects coming to life.

Stage Sponsorship

We are looking for sponsors who can host our shows on their theater stages.

Share & Support for Free

Please consider sharing this project with those you know. Word of mouth is a free way to help our team!

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