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Workshops & Crowd Engagements

Fluidity is the perfect addition to your event with its professional and experienced Performing Artists. Experience the power of self-expression with their diverse range of workshops that include hula hoops, silk veil fans, aerial silks, sound yoga and more - guaranteed to captivate and entertain your guests.


Crafts  & Stories for Kids

Kids Engagements offers fun and engaging workshops for kids that combine craft time, story time and more! Our Kids Craft Time workshops are 1 hour based and include learning about shapes, colors, textures, tastes, stretches, manners, and story time. We also offer specialized workshops such as Tree of Life Workshop & Story Time, Clown College Workshop, and Paper Crafts + Story Time. All workshop details will be discussed with the client prior to booking.

Aerial Silks Workshops

Our Aerial Silks Workshop is the perfect way to add a unique and fun experience to your next event. Our experienced instructors will guide you and your guests through the fundamentals of aerial arts, helping you to build a strong foundation and understanding of the art. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced aerialist, this workshop is sure to help you take your aerial artistry to the next level.


Silk Veil Fans Workshop

Our Silk Fans Workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn the basics of fan dancing in a safe and supportive environment. Participants will explore the artistry of fan dancing with an emphasis on technique, coordination, and musicality. This workshop will start with a short warm up focusing on everything from head to toe. Participants will leave with confidence knowing how to open & closer their fans, fan longevity, on & off body moves + the open road to find their own flow with this ancient prop.

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