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Alice in Wonderland meets Anime

Fluidity is a cutting-edge performing arts group that combines Alice in Wonderland with anime-themed characters. Six characters are showcased in their most recent projects and can be seen performing at the Mountain Music Festival. Photographs by Roger Gupta capture the beauty of their performances.

Fluidity Performance Photo by Roger Gupta.jpg

LED Chicks

Fluidity is a small team of performing artists who have recently been performing at Rooster Walk 2021 as LED Chicks. Each costume was handmade by Maria Ekaterina and the performances were photographed by Roger Gupta.

Photo by Roger Gupta _ Rooster Walk

Hostess Themed Event

Fluidity is a performing artist group that recently worked on projects for a private Halloween party. The group was given the opportunity to surprise the host with custom costumes inspired by the theme of Britney Spears. Photo by Roger Gupta.


Mars Attacks

Fluidity is a performing arts company dedicated to creating innovative and interactive experiences for its audiences. Recently they have been hard at work, taking the original cinematic picture "Mars Attacks" movie and re-creating their themed colors in their Space Themed Day at Floydfest 2021. Come explore their exciting projects and see how they bring the past into the present.

Photo by Roger Gupta(1).jpg

LED Flower Ladies

Fluidity artists are creating innovative and immersive experiences. Most recently, they have been performing as roaming LED Flower Ladies at the Mountain Music Festival, captivating audiences with their beautiful light display. Their performance was even photographed by renowned photographer, Roger Gupta.

Photo by Roger Gupta

Day Chicks

The performing artists Fluidity have recently been busy with exciting projects, including their performance at the Rooster Walk Music Festival where they brought their day chicks with day silk veil fans! They had a fantastic time engaging with the audience at this incredible event. Photos by Roger Gupta.


LED Fairies

Fluidity took part in the Front Porch Festi as LED Fairies. Their magical roaming performance featured LED Wings, LED Bodysuit and a unique, artist-specific persona. The performance was captured in beautiful photos by Roger Gupta.


Magical Mermaids

Fluidity Performing Arts has recently been making a splash with their Magical Mermaids, who have been featured at the Mountain Music Festival. From playing finn ball to shellabrating bachlorettes parties, the Magical Mermaids are sure to make a lasting impression. Photo by Roger Gupta.


Planets Unite

Fluidity is a performing artist group that recently worked on projects for Floydfest Odyssey where each artist represented a planet through their prop and attire. Photo by Roger Gupta.

Mars Attacks(1)_edited.jpg

Cheetahs at Yarnival

Fluidity is a Performing Team of artists who are making waves in the entertainment industry. They recently performed at Yarnival's New Years Eve show as Cheetahs with fire, creating an atmosphere that amazed the audience and welcomed in the New Year.



Fluidity artists are creating innovative and immersive experiences. At Front Porch Festival their critters were a big hit as they brought the wild to this incredible event. Their performance was even photographed by renowned photographer, Roger Gupta.


Goddess Themed

Fluidity is a Performing Arts company that creates incredible experiences for audiences of all ages. Recently, they hosted a Goddess Themed event that brought out their most magical and mesmerizing crew. Be sure to take a look at the photos taken by Roger Gupta.

Mars Attacks_edited.jpg

Behind the Waterfall

Performing at Body Mind Spirit Expo featuring our translation of their theme "Under the Watefall". Book this unique combination of acts to amaze your guests with a refreshing view of #artinmotion. Photo by Roger Gupta.

Photo by Roger Gupta

Roaming LED Wings

Fluidity's team of talented artists are available to book for indoor and outdoor events. Our Roaming LED Wings are perfect for adding an extra touch of magic to any occasion. Whether you need one artist or ten, we've got you covered. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can customize our performances to meet your needs.

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